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.40 an ounce

The Cleaner Soul's All-Floor cleaner can be used on every floor type imaginable. Formulated to be ph neutral so it’s safe for all floor types!

Not only will this make your floors shine as well as remove dirt and grime, but the fresh aromas of organic essential oils are what truly sets this product apart from others. 

Zero harmful chemicals is what makes this product safe for dogs, babies, and everyone in-between.



Orange Oil containing D-Limonene

Ethyl Alcohol

Capryl Glucoside

Nutmeg Extract

Basil Extract

Orange oil contains a very powerful natural solvent called D-limonene.

This natural monoterpene molecule has the capability to cut through just about any dirt, grime or oil you throw at it.  D-limonene is used as a powerful degreaser in major industrial complexes, yet it's gentle enough to be used in cosmetics. This compound has the ability to dissolve oils quickly while leaving no residue behind! 

Ethyl Alcohol is used in the floor cleaner to enhance the cleaning properties of the d-limonene. The ethanol will help absorb any dirt that is water-soluble, while the limonene will remove all oils. The two together work cleaning miracles leaving almost no grease or dirt behind.

The Cleaner Soul have carefully balanced the Ph (Potential Hydrogen) to a neutral zone so it is safe for all floor types. For floors like marble, this is very important as a lower Ph, or a more acidic solution will degrade the sealing on the floor. The Cleaner Soul's All Floor Cleaner has been carefully balanced so this will never be an issue.

Nutmeg and basil extracts are used to add additional powerful terpenes to the formula. These terpenes will enhance the cleaning power of both Orange oil and Ethanol.


This product is available at our fill up bar. You can bring your own container or purchase one of ours to fill up. You can also order online for curbside/local delivery.

The Cleaner Soul is located in SoCal so they personally drop off 5 gallon buckets that they return to be sanitized and it gets refilled over and over again!

The Cleaner Soul

From the Founder:

The inspiration behind The Cleaner Soul which spurred its conception was that despite being a health-conscious personal trainer, Lululemon ambassador, and positive lifestyle advocate, I was rocked with a breast cancer diagnosis and could not figure out why! As I am a clean freak, I started researching the ingredients in my cleaning products and studying their harmful effects on the human body.

I was horrified to realize how we, the consumers, are being deceived and duped into trusting that these products are safeguarding our families and homes. Big mistake. In fact, by using these noxious chemical products we are creating a toxic environment and subjecting our families to serious, long-term health risks. I could no longer trust the ingredients listed (and not listed) in these products. I had nightmares thinking about the huge smoking chemical vats I had seen in the factory. I had to wear a protective mask to prevent the fumes damaging my lungs, yet I had been spraying them freely in my home. I realized I was endangering the health of my family by using these poisons in my home and I couldn’t ever buy these cleaners and air fresheners again.

I realized I had to eliminate my exposure to the harmful toxins from the dangerous chemicals I was bringing into my home. Hence, The Cleaner Soul! 
What sets our products apart is that despite being 100% non-toxic, and all-natural in glass bottles… They are VERY effective cleaners with infinite applications around the house and can be used on any surface that can get wet! 
We are now on a mission to eliminate these harmful chemicals from households and out of harms way of our loved ones around the world.