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Van Leeuwen Bro's special formula has all their natural ingredients that you have come to love, just in different amounts to address deep night time lip restoration.

They have decreased the beeswax dramatically to let the butters Kokum and Shea do their job of lip renewal. And of course, their famous light weight oils are part of this process. Packaged in a convenient .4 oz size for your night stand or your work station for a quick application during the day.

Keep in mind, with the reduction of local beeswax it will not fair well in hot environments. Keep indoors. 

To quote a lip tester of ours:

"Your lip mask is a gift from God. It formed new layers of skin and the old ones died and melted away. And now my lips are soft and smooth and very moisturized. Amazing!"

Seriously this is a game changer in lip care.

How to Use

A heavy application to your lips right before sleep time, and light applications during the day for indoor use.


Kokum Butter

Shea Butter


Olive Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Castor Oil

Coconut Oil

Vitamin E

Orange Oil

Clovebud Oil


Comes in a .4 oz metal tin.

Van Leeuwen Bros

It was the early 1970s and our Uncle's, Arlan and Jerry Van Leeuwen, young dairymen, had read an enthusiastic trade article about the future of cattle manure being converted to basic oil needs for America.  After an evening of laughter and dreaming of what it would like to be old time entrepreneurs, They  made a spoof flier, They called it "Van Leeuwen Bros Lubricants.”

Now the comical fun was over, time to get back to milking cows!

Fast forward 40 years, We both being dairyman ourselves, recall seeing this  flyer in our childhood home. Thinking what if this can be true,? what if we can provide good old fashioned oils to keep our beards and skin healthy? So in 2020 we started growing our beards longer and testing different blends of oils and butters to come up with our very unique blend that has been benefiting our beards dramatically.

Now available for you to use on your beards And body.

Products that are made the good ole fashioned way, hand made by us The VANLEEUWEN BROS.