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Plaine Products
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Soothe your skin. Plaine Products combined the healing properties of rosemary and mint with a hint of vanilla to create a light, hydrating body lotion. A rich blend of pure aloe and rose hips oil makes this an extraordinary skin conditioner. Daily use will improve the skin’s texture and appearance. A choice that’s good for you and the planet.

Plaine Products Products are:

  • Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicone and palm oil
  • Blended with whole essential oils (instead of synthetic fragrance)
  • Vegan and have non-GMO ingredients
  • Designed to biodegrade
  • Baby safe and hypoallergenic 
  • Cruelty-Free, Leaping Bunny certified 
  • Free of single-use plastic


Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Non-GMO | Biodegradable | Sulfate-Free | Palm Oil Free | Silicone Free 

Plaine Products are proud of their natural body lotion ingredients: 

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil

Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Seed Oil

Glyceryl Mono Stearate (Vegetable Derived Emulsifier)

Cetyl Alcohol (Coconut Derived Emulsifier)

Potassium Sorbate

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

Squalane (Olive Derived)

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea)

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Mint Arvenis Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Mint Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil


Refillable Aluminum bottle.

Bring your empty Plaine Products bottle back to our location or you can get a free shipping label here to ship directly back to Plaine Products for them to reuse!

You may also choose to recycle the aluminum bottles. Aluminum can be recycled with no loss in quality and can be recycled indefinitely. Whereas when plastic is recycled it is down-cycled into a lower form until it becomes unusable and is sent to a landfill.

Plaine Products

Most bathrooms are filled with plastic bottles that will only be used once before they head to the garbage or recycling can. While recycling plastic is always a good idea, experts agree that it isn’t a solution. Only 5 – 10% of plastic is reclaimed for recycling. Even when it is recycled, most plastic still eventually ends up in a landfill or in our lakes and oceans. It's so bad that in just a few decades, there might be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish. That’s because plastic never really goes away. It’s designed to last forever. It’s hard to imagine, but all of the plastic that’s ever been made is still here, somewhere on the earth.

While plastic makes life (and bottling) easier, Plaine Products knew there had to be a better way. They decided to use aluminum bottles for several reasons. Historically, aluminum has proven to be a key material in successful recycling programs. Unlike plastic, aluminum is able to be completely recycled without any loss in quality at a fraction of the initial production costs and energy requirements. Plastic can only be recycled once or twice as it is downgraded each time it loops through the process. Plaine Products bottles are also strong enough to survive a number of trips. So they will be well worn before they recycle them. They are easily cleaned and sterilized, so they can ensure that their bottles are safe to use again and again.