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.26 a pod

Dropps Fabric Softener Pods soften and protect your clothes like nothing else out there: naturally. They start out easy - just toss one right in with a Dropps laundry detergent pod at the beginning of your wash cycle, and give your laundry a smart softening bath.

Most liquid and dryer sheet products work by clogging fibers with an icky, sticky coating. Dropps’ magic? Tiny natural minerals that flow through your delicate fibers, making clothes breathable, and comfortable from wash to wash.

Keeps towels absorbent, athletic wear wickable, and baby clothes flame-retardant – something most other brands can’t do.


No Unnecessary Chemicals

The non-toxic mineral-based formula contains no harsh chemicals and leaves no residue!

Free of fragrance and dyes 

Bentonite (CAS #1302-78-9

Mineral softening agent)*

Sodium chloride (CAS #7647-14-5, processing aid)*

Polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH) (water-soluble film)*

*Denotes plant or mineral origin.


This product is available at our fill up bar. You can bring your own container or purchase one of ours to fill up. You can also order online for curbside/local delivery.

Dropps pod membrane is a water-soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). It is engineered to completely dissolve in your washer, even in cold water temperatures.

We receive a bulk order of pods in a plastic bag within a cardboard box. The cardboard box is reused or recycled and the plastic bag is repurposed or recycled through Terra Cycles plastic box program.


Dropps believes that individuals and families can take simple steps to replace everyday products that are both eco-responsible and economical - which, if multiplied across a multitude of individuals and families, can have a measurable impact on the planet.

We're all connected: All living things are inextricably interconnected, and it is every human’s responsibility to leave the planet a better place for future generations. You can help by making small, easy changes that, in the aggregate, can have a big impact on our environment. 

The problem: An estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enters into the marine environment from land-based sources every year – roughly equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the oceans every minute.

The Solution: Solving the plastics problem in our oceans will ultimately take concerted action from companies, governments, and advocates like you. Reduce your intake of single-use plastic, recycle when possible, and support companies that offer eco-responsible alternatives.