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Unveil your inner wisdom and nourish your delicate skin.

From the ancient practices of the Egyptians, castor oil was used as a natural remedy to treat eye ailments. It soothes irritations, and its moisturizing powers can reduce fine lines and dark circles. The botanical blend of chamomile flowers and sweet almond oil will brighten and heal fatigued or inflamed skin around your eyelids. Sea buckthorn oil and the superfood magic of avocado oil align to create essential skin hydration and improve elasticity. Rosehip oil contains skin-brightening vitamins A and C. This potion could not be complete without the holy and vital energy of frankincense, which has a long and deep history as a powerful skin healer.

It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and indeed they are. This luxurious elixir awakens your intuition and nurtures that delicate skin around your eyes and sixth chakra. 

Place the roller on the outside corner of your under-eye. Roll inward and follow a horizontal figure eight motion around your eyes, passing through your third eye point, and over the brows. Follow by gently massaging the elixir into your brows, under eyes, lids, and temples to awaken your intuition. 


 Use as a brow conditioner 

 A must before applying concealer 

☾ Do not use on lash extensions


Moringa oil

Castor oil

Sweet Almond oil infused with Chamomile flowers

Avocado oil

Rosehip oil

Sea buckthorn oil

Vitamin E



☾ Comes in a .3 oz premium glass bottle with a stainless steel roller ball.



Hola! My name is Meleesa, and I have been intuitively creating LAB.OTANICA for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in Costa Rica amongst the most amazing medicine women, flora, and fauna. Growing up alongside powerful herbalists and strong women has guided me in seeking the peace and power of nature to balance my own spirit.

After realizing that plants will always have a healing presence in my life, I developed a profound sense of purpose to dive deep into plant magic. I had worked in the beauty industry for years and learned so much of the "dirty beauty secrets'', and I knew there had to be a better way. The moment I decided to offer the planet a higher vibrational line of plant-based, cruelty-free, organic products, the stars aligned and LAB.OTANICA was born. Imbued with the knowledge of my ancestors, the medicine women, I want to share with you my roots, my knowledge, and my passion for ritual beauty and care.

LAB.OTANICA leads me back to my roots, my land, and my ancestors. Our recipes are inspired by traditional medicine women and are botanically designed to nourish and repair. Intention, energy, and matter combine to form potions and elixirs that bless and uplift your temple. At LAB.OTANICA, the skin, mind, and body coexist in harmony. Harnessing and nourishing the light inside and out is the splendor of ritual beauty.  

I believe it is time for a positive change. 

I believe in the wisdom of the plant kingdom and the natural world.

I believe in the awakening of our inner power and authentic beauty.

Join me in this holistic and transformative journey.

Pura Vida,