Curious how to start reducing your toxic body burden? Here are three products we highly recommend swapping for something less toxic!



Although we have organizations like the ADA & FDA, most personal care products in the United States DO NOT go through rigorous safety testing before they enter our bodies!

On average we use toothpaste about twice a day, overexposing ourselves to plastics (Crest, I’m looking at you) and sulfates (common foaming agent in toothpaste).


Commercial toothpaste often contains one of the following...fluoride, sulfates, preservatives, plastics & artificial coloring!

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is now artificially added to things like our tap water and dental care products in the name of preventing tooth decay.

So, what’s the problem? Ingesting fluoride at high levels can have a negative impact on adults and children. Some studies define fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin, in the same category as lead & mercury. 😮 Impaired cognitive function & increased ADHD & hypothyroidism are a few other negative consequences of overexposure to fluoride.

A proper dental care routine does not need to include fluoride!

oral care swaps
Oral B toothbrush for Brush with Bamboo toothbrush

Listerine mouthwash for Vermont Soap's tooth salts and/or a tongue scraper
Crest or Tom's toothpaste for David's toothpaste or Unpaste tooth tabs


What do you use for deodorant, if anything?

The skin is our largest organ therefore what we put ON most definitely goes IN, entering our bloodstream and mixing with our precious natural flows. ✨

Your skin will absorb everything in your deodorant so let's be wise and avoid heavy ingredients when choosing a deodorant.

A common chemical of concern is aluminum!

Why is aluminum used in deodorants?

Aluminum is used in a salt form to block sweat from forming in our under arms, preventing wetness. The thing most of us want to avoid but at what cost?

Although there is no scientific consensus on whether or not aluminum is linked to breast cancer, numerous women with breast cancer have shown higher levels of aluminum concentrations in their breast tissues than women who don’t have breast cancer. Whether or not the increased concentration came from deodorant use is debatable but worth noting.

deodorant swaps
Secret or Old Spice deodorants for
No Tox Life deodorants
No Tox Life underarm detox bar

pro tip: find a deodorant without baking soda (baking soda is known to clog pores) or aluminum.


Did you know the majority of toilet paper is toxic?

Commercial toilet paper is dyed with bleach and formaldehyde to compose the perfect white color and fluffiness…yikes.

Bleached stained toilet paper is known to cause UTIs, hemorrhoids, micro cuts, and yeast infections. Not to mention the impact tree toilet paper has on the environment.

“Most tree-paper contains pulp harvested from the Boreal Forest, the world’s most important carbon sink and an essential bulwark against climate change.”

- plantpaper.us

Your most precious organs come in close contact with the harsh chemicals lingering in your toilet bowl and toilet paper, choose bamboo toilet paper!

toilet paper swap
Charmin Ultra Soft or Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue for Plant Paper.

Decrease your toxic body burden to create a happier and healthier life.

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