Welcome to the world of sustainable shopping at Fill Up, Buttercup! We understand the importance of making mindful choices, which is why we offer you three fantastic options to obtain your household essentials in a plastic-free manner.

Gone are the days when you need to compromise convenience for the well-being of our environment!

Option 1 ✹ The Fill Up Bar

At the core of our business lies the innovative Fill Up Bar, which redefines convenience while prioritizing sustainability. This in-store haven offers a plethora of bulk items tailored to your needs. You have the flexibility to either purchase a container from our store or refill your own.

In the event that you haven't brought your own container, fret not! We provide glass and aluminum container options for purchase both online and in-store. What sets the Fill Up Bar apart is that you pay only for the quantity you fill. This waste-reducing approach is a win-win for both you and the planet.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting you and addressing any questions you may have. 

Check out our current refills on tap!

Curious about the second option? Look into Curbside.

Interested in the third option? Discover Local Delivery.                    

Step One ✽ Tare

 Kickstart your journey by weighing your empty container at our dedicated station, effortlessly utilizing our automated smart tags. Keep this tag attached to your container throughout the process - it's your golden ticket!
Of course, if you prefer, our friendly staff is more than happy to manage this step for you.

Step Two ✽ Fill Up

Choose the product you desire and start filling! If you plan to include a pump or spray top, be mindful to leave some space to prevent overfilling.

Step Three ✽ Weigh

When you're ready to wrap up, proceed to checkout. Our staff will seamlessly use the smart tag to subtract your container's tare weight, revealing the precise volume of product you're purchasing in ounces.

Step Four ✽ Enjoy

Choose a label for your container and take home to enjoy. And remember, once your out of product, don't hesitate to return for a refill - each visit contributes to a happier planet.
(Costa Mesa Fill Up Bar)