To help you make conscious choices here at Fill Up, Buttercup we have three options when it comes to purchasing your household essentials plastic free! 

You no longer have to choose convenience over the environment!

Option 1 ✹ The Fill Up Bar

The foundation of our business model; convenient in-store bulk items giving you choices to refill that suits your needs.  You can purchase a container in-store or refill your own container!

In case you don't have your own container, we have glass or aluminum options for purchase online or in-store.  The best part of our Fill Up Bar is you only pay for what you fill!

We are here ready to assist and answer any questions you might have! 

Check out our current refills on tap!


See Curbside for option 2.

See Local Delivery for option 3. 

Step One ✽ Tare 

Weigh your empty container at our weigh station, using our automated smart tags! Keep the tag with the bottle till the very end. 

We are always happy to do this for you as well. 

Step Two ✽ Fill Up

Choose the product you desire and start filling! Make sure to leave a little room if you are putting in a pump or spray top to avoid overfill.

Step Three ✽ Weigh

Go to check out and the staff will use the smart tag to deduct your tare weight to see how many ounces of product to purchase. 

Step Four ✽ Enjoy

Choose a label for your container and take home to enjoy. Once you are done bring it back for refilling over and over again! That makes for one HAPPY Planet.