Fill Up Buttercup is dedicated to keeping toxins and plastics out of your body, home & planet.

We believe there is a better way to consume.

We are committed to simplifying your introduction to living zero waste and toxin free. 

Hi! I'm Jamie a California native and self proclaimed hippie.

Fill Up Buttercup sparked from two huge passions of mine. Nontoxic products and cleaning up plastic pollution.

I started researching what we were slathering on our bodies and cleaning our homes with in hopes to help my father with his Multiple Sclerosis. I started to clean out his products as well as my own and quickly realized it was helping me with my own health. As I removed products that were heavily fragranced my nervous system thanked me. A slight tremor I had my whole life disappeared.

I thought if this can help me, this can help anyone.

Did you know, the word “fragrance” in products can mean anything since brands don’t have to disclose “propriety information”?! Additionally, in the United States, cleaning products are NOT required by federal law to show a list of ingredients…

Not to mention I have spent countless hours on the beaches picking up trash. It was a great feeling knowing the trash wasn’t going to end up in the ocean but I knew it wasn’t going to solve the larger problem.
What I needed to do was stop buying single use plastics and start reusing what I already had. I started to find ways to buy household products without plastic but it was not easy. Between trying to find products that were good enough to put on the skin and not adding trash to the planet, it became a full time job.

Cue Fill Up Buttercup a hub for all your nontoxic household essentials in bulk to be refilled in your own container. As well as products that are easily composted or biodegradable.

This shop has become more than spreading awareness to the community about toxic products and plastic pollution. It’s a place to connect, share and be inspired.

Kristina is from the northwest side of Chicago, specifically Jefferson Park, one of Chicago's many neighborhoods. Growing up alongside the North Branch of the Chicago River and its accompanying forest preserves, she's always had a strong connection to the natural environment. In 2018 Kristina received her Bachelors in Environmental Science from Loyola University Chicago. Shortly after college she lived off grid in Maui, learning more about permaculture, sustainability, zero waste living, and holistic healing.
In 2018 Kristina started a blog called clean__beauty with the intention of educating her friends and family about the harsh chemicals found in just about every personal care product she owned. Posting weekly, she informed her audience of chemical names and components, nontoxic beauty alternatives, household swaps and shared consumer resources like the Environmental Working Group. 

Her inspiration grew after reading a book called

"Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry."

After moving to Orange County in April of 2021 she stumbled upon Fill Up Buttercup within a couple of weeks and the rest is history. Kristina now runs the store alongside Jamie and keeps our online presence creative and fun.

 Mickee Caputo Robison is the founder of Mickee Yoginee Wellness [a holistic bodywork practice offering cupping, reiki, massage, sound healing & doula services] & keeps the vibe high at Fill Up, Buttercup.

Mickee is passionate about holistic wellness and believes that extends into the foods we eat, the water we drink, the products we use in our homes & those we put on our bodies. Everything has energy & she prefers her products plant powered.

Even as a tiny human, Mickee had an aversion to “traditional” products & the amount of trash being created by them. She couldn’t help but feel there was a better way.

There is a better way & you are a part of it.

Jamie and Mickee joke that they were destined to meet, having both grown up locally, and became fast friends when their paths finally crossed in 2018. When Mickee is not refilling on goodness, she offers hands on healing to the community she loves so dearly.