7 WAYS TO EMBRACE THE BUTTERCUP LIFESTYLE [more conscious, less wasteful]

lahyf-stahyl ]: the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

Our top tips to be a little more buttercup each and everyday.   

Why buy a single use cup with your coffee??!

Solution 1: BYO (bring your own) cup to the coffee shop. ask if it's within their policy to make the drink in your cup.
Solution 2: ask for that iced drink in a paper cup, without a straw or plastic lid. it's okay if you get a funny look. insert a smile and kindness.

Solution 3: make your coffee at home.
bonus material: this goes for any to-go food. 
my dad carries his own to-go containers for when he doesn't finish a meal at a restaurant. yes, this is less convenient and we don't always remember to bring them in but we try our best. 
bonus bonus bonus: get takeout from places who use compostable containers.

Practice saying NO!!

You don’t need to take every item handed to you. It's tricky, I know. Everyone loves a good freebie but think about the lifecycle of that freebie before committing.

Solution 1: those travel products in the hotel room or AirBnB, who needs em? bring your own personal care products. bonus points if they are nontoxic!

Solution 2: always say no to dinner utensils when buying take out and eating it at home. most restaurants are catching onto this trend and are more than happy to serve you without 'em.

Solution 3: take pictures of information instead of taking a map or brochure if not totally necessary.

Solution 4: stickers, pens, knick knacks, and gift bags..say no thank you if you don’t truly resonate with it!

Why buy water in plastic??!

Solution 1: add a water filtration system to your home. 

Solution 2: refill water jugs! you can buy a large 3 or 5 gallon container and refill it weekly.
bonus points if you get a glass jug
these can be found at whole foods or your local water store (google it). 
our favorite OC water stores are The Water Brewery & Flow.

Solution 3: always carry a reusable bottle. most rest stops, airports and public spaces have water refill stations. no need to buy that plastic bottle if you're always prepared.
bonus material: add minerals to your water. most local health foods stores sell trace minerals that are ‘on the go friendly’ and allow you to reap all the benefits of purified and mineralized water.
Did you know most water purification systems deplete the water of minerals? Adding them back in is crucial.

Why use single use items when you can invest in a reusable item??! 

Did you know 100 years ago almost everything we purchased was refillable or made of material that could be used for a lifetime or returned for a refund?!
Think local milkman who refilled those glass containers.

Think grandpa’s stainless steel razor.

Think returning glass and cans for a credit at the local recycling center.


We are not doing anything new. Rather, tapping back in. 

Solution 1: invest in one zero waste household product this year. Holy Toweledo paperless paper towels is one of our favorite swaps. however, any set of washable towels can be used to replace paper towels and paper napkins.

bonus points 
if you keep the dirty kitchen rags under the sink in a basket or wet bag.
Solution 2: invest in one zero waste personal care product this year. a stainless steel razor where you only replace the blades or a reusable menstrual cup. we love The Leaf Pivoting Head Razor and The Diva Cup.
If you need ideas on other zero waste swaps check out our instagram for inspo!! 

Why buy when you can share??! 

Remember the age old phrase sharing is caring? The more we share the less we need to consume new items.
Solution 1: start a yearly clothing swap with your friends, borrow clothes while traveling, share items for one time outfits or rent your clothes.
Solution 2: rent gear for your outdoor activities from shops or borrow gear from your friends and family. don’t be shy. (:
Solution 3: share a ride to school or work once a week.
Solution 4: pass down items through the generations.  


We would be nothing without our community. 
🧡 you all
Get to know people in your community who are doing cool things.
Solution 1: buy bagels and bread from your local baker or make your own.

bonus points if you get them in a paper or reusable bag.
Solution 2: find a local hair salon. our favorites in the OC area are The Hunny Comb and Meleesa the Salon.
Solution 3: buy clothing locally or from a secondhand shop. one of our favorite places to shop in the OC is Style Society
Solution 4: get your coffee locally. bonus points if you refill at a farmers market!
Solution 5: use Instagram, Reddit, Yelp etc, as a tool to build community. find local restaurants, gyms, or places like minded people would go.

Buy directly from farmers!! 

Supporting farmers is crucial! Google can quickly give you a list of weekly farmers markets near you. Even in cold weather states, indoor markets are occurring.  
Solution 1: buy the majority of your weekly food from farmers markets.
bonus points if you build relationships with your local farmers.
 are favorites in the OC area are Thursdays at Fermentation Farm and Wednesdays at Old Town Tustin.
Solution 2: shop at a Food Co-op. these are grocery stores that are owned by the people who shop there. shopping here keeps money in the local economy and majority of the time the shelves are stocked with hyper local food.
Solution 3: start your own garden or join a community garden. most urban areas have community spaces anyone can join.
Solution 4: use the wwoofing website to learn about the importance of growing your own food and maybe sign up to work on a farm.
A mentor of mine once said “every person regardless of occupation should learn how to grow their own food.” I couldn't agree more. It is truly one of the most liberating things you can do!

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

- Anne Marie Bonneau

Thanks for reading!



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