Goal: At Fill Up Buttercup we don’t throw anything away! 


Reality: We produce trash. 



Okay, let's get real. 


Although we are rooted in Circular Economy practices, we produce waste too!


It's what you’re doing with it that makes a world of difference. 


Many people are sustained in today’s modern world by globalized businesses. Target, McDonalds, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, heard of ‘em? Their business models take, make and dump (aka utilizes the linear economy strategy). Mass imitation, convenience, waste and little connection between the consumer and distributor are consequences of this. 





It’s easy to go to Starbucks, order that latte and toss it in less than an hour, trust me I know. Everything about our society encourages convenience over RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle).


What about purchasing your coffee from the farmers market every Wednesday? From people you actually know, who forage those coconuts and actually give a shit about the quality of their product.


Take it a step further.


What if you bring your own half gallon and fill up on your coffee for the week?




Circular Economy Vibezzz.


Newsflash: We Are Producing More Trash Than Ever.


That's why refilling is so important!


At Fill Up Buttercup our standard is Circular Economy. 


We are reducing, reusing, returning and recycling everything!


What is a Circular Economy?


A Circular Economy is a closed loop economy. 


Think cycle, continuous stream, infinity. 


A product is made, used, and naturally degraded or it’s leftover raw material is returned to the manufacturer to be used again!


Circular Economy


Ahhh, that feels nice. 


When you support Fill Up Buttercup you support circular economies. 


You support paying for product, not packaging. 


You support cleaner oceans and clearer skies. 


So, how do we handle our waste?


We work with distributors who embrace circular economies.



The Cleaner Soul - Lil Green Wagon - Common Good

How it works

The product is made.

The product is dropped off in 5 gallon buckets. (local vibezzz)

We refill our large containers.

We refill customers' containers.

The product naturally degrades after use.

The 5 gallon buckets are given back to the manufacturer during the next drop off!


A continuous cycle creating community, not waste.


Hence circular. (:


We buy from manufacturers who create highly recyclable products.



Davids Toothpaste & Leaf Shave

How it works 

The product is made.

The product is delivered in cardboard and recycled by us. 

Customers purchase it.

*For toothpaste, the product naturally degrades after use.*

Customers return the emptied container or used razor blade to us. 

We properly recycle the metal.


Metal has a greater chance of being reused in the recycling process, greater than 60%.

Whereas plastics have a reuse rate of less than 5%.  


We TerraCycle!



Oneka & Vermont Soap

How it works

The product is made.

The product is delivered in bulk packaging.

We refill our large containers.

We TerraCycle the bulk plastic packaging and recycle the cardboard boxes.

We refill customers' containers.

The product naturally degrades after use. 


TerraCycle takes the time to carefully separate our post consumer waste and uses the raw material for new products!


Its all about reusing things rather than using them up! 


How do you embrace circular living?


Comment below.


Thanks for reading!



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