Don't live near a refill shop?
No sweat.
Majority of household cleaners can be made at home with less than 5 nontoxic ingredients that are usually sold in larger quantities.
Here are two of my favorite recipes.
Rule of thumb: if you have to purchase an item over and over again & don't live near a refillery, we encourage you to buy in paper or glass before opting for the plastic option.
Recipes you can make at home

Household cleaning solution for a 16 oz spray bottle
2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup castile soap or dish soap
2 or 3 tablespoons of white vinegar
A few drops of your favorite essential oil or juice from half a lemon
fill rest with distilled* water and shake
*distilled water will prevent water stains (most tap water has deposits in it) 
Glass and mirror cleaner for a 16 oz spray bottle
Drop of castile soap
1/2 cup alcohol 
1/3 cup white vinegar
fill rest with distilled* water and your favorite essential oil if desired :)
use a microfiber cloth to wipe
*distilled water will prevent water stains (most tap water has deposits in it) 

If you are not familiar with castile soap, let me introduce you.
This soap is a staple item in my home and when I am spending time outdoors. The versatility is a no brainer which makes it great for camping trips and outside hangs. 
Around the home it can clean just about everything including you! Wash your dishes, use as a base for household cleaners (as shown above), wash your dog, or make a bubble bath. 

Making your own products allows for control over ingredients and an option for those not yet in proximity to a refillery.
Don't know where to start? Find some castile soap and play with cleaning items around your home!

Thanks for reading!



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