Here are some of our best kept tips for making the most out of your refill experience.

TIP 1: Make a list of what you are running low on at home

Duh! Not having a clear idea of what you need can leave you in a state of decision paralysis. Refill shops are foreign. Most of us are used to shuffling through marked aisles and product packaging. Remedy this by choosing a section of your house and taking stock.

*divide it in 3*
-laundry room
-household cleaning supplies
-body products

What do I need more of?
What can I wait on?
What do I want a surplus of?

Shopping lists are encouraged!

TIP 2: Gather used containers

After taking product inventory its time to think about what containers you'd like to use. Refill shops encourage you to bring your own however, most have containers for sale if you're interested in achieving that minimalist aesthetic. 

Lets talk containers!

Liquid refills fit best in used liquid containers. For example containers with small, narrow necks (most likely a used beverage container). These bottles do not have huge openings therefore liquid is easily transferable, funnel free, and shouldn't spill.

For powdered refills we encourage wide mouth jars. For example, mason jars, old mayo or salsa containers, or peanut butter ones. Without proper cleaning food smells will linger so be sure to wash thoroughly beforehand!

Old coffee or beer growlers are great for buying liquids in bulk.
Have children or jumpy pets around? Maybe aluminum bottles or reusing your old plastic shampoo container is the way for you.
There are many ways to get creative with your refill and zero waste goodies. We love seeing what our customers use to store items around their house. Don't be shy, all containers are welcomed.

Not there yet?

Tip 3: Browse our website to see what's offered

If your time is limited our website has the entire refill bar listed with prices. 
price equation:
Bottle size (16 oz, 32 oz, etc) x price per ounce ($.40, $1.24, etc)
Curious about product ingredients? Type the item in the search bar and find an entire breakdown including description, ingredients, and disposal. 

Tip 4: Browse the store first

For some, browsing the store ahead of time conceptualizes the experience and helps them better prepare. In store you can see everything on display, the store layout, and browse brands & ingredients with the help of an associate. 
 Time to get your refill on!


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