If you’re like me, stepping into Jamie’s shop was like finding a new ice cream shop!

A place like this exists!? You’re telling me I can bring my own jars, fill up on personal and household products, reduce my need for plastic, and support a local business?

Heart EYES all over! 

This is sustainable living.

This is community.

This is a place you leave feeling a little more whole.  

Your first visit may be a little intimidating, where do I begin? 

Geez, I use so much plastic, crap, I can do a better job. 

HEY! You found this place which means you are one step closer. Take a breath, ask some questions, and I guarantee you’ll be back. 

Switching over to sustainable products doesn’t happen overnight. 

WHY? Because the options at Target or Whole Foods do not cater to a sustainable lifestyle. No shade Target but, your products are sold individually with ingredient labels the size of a CVS receipt. Navigating that is challenging and having a one stop shop makes a world of difference. 

Take it from someone who started this journey 4 years ago, after reading Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, a book my father gave me three years earlier. I spent hours navigating the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database charting the toxicity levels of my household products and researching where I could find clean alternatives.

Countless hours online, tons of non-recyclable packaging delivered, and the occasional product I did not like. 

Queue: Fill Up, Buttercup! A place where non-toxic and zero waste are a given. 

So when do you come here?


But seriously, come when a product runs out, that shampoo bottle that's getting a little low is a perfect time to come in. Don’t guilt yourself into buying something you have at home already. It’s okay to finish that product. 

This is where convenience and conscientiousness meet and you’re welcome anytime! 

So how DOES it work? 

What do you need?

What can you switch, not sure?

Once you arrive you’ll be easily reminded.

The options are endless. 

What do I put my new shampoo, lotion or dish soap in?

Well, Bring or Buy a container (a one time purchase if needed).

Now the fun part... 

(TARE) Weigh the empty container **add the weight to your fill up sheet**

(FILL) Fill the container! **It gets messy, no sweat, we have plenty of towels**

(WEIGH) Reweigh the container with your new product

**write it down & do a little math (filled container - empty container = product weight x cost of the item) don’t worry we have a calculator & will walk you through the process your first few times** 

(LABEL) Ask for a label and enjoy! 

(REFILL) Keep the cycle going and come in when you run out or swap out an item if you didn’t like it!


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