If you end up here, chances are you have some interest in learning more about reducing the amount of toxins in your life. 

Toxins...what are they and who cares?

Here we refer to toxins as any ingredient statistically shown to raise a person's chances of illness, cancer, allergies, and reproductive harm.

Think aluminum, fluoride, and fragrance.

I care because good health is the greatest achievement and, unfortunately, its no easy feat these days.

*Insert abundance of seed oils, florescent lights, and tap water.*

In store, we carry products with no to very low toxicity levels. We encourage our customers to educate themselves on the products they are using by "turning the bottle" aka looking at ingredient lists. If you have no interest or time to "turn the bottle" (and who does?) rest assured everything on our selves is non-toxic.
Each product we source is from brands we trust, use ourselves, and that, actually work. 

So how do we decide which products to carry?

Before we say yes to a new product we take the time to research each ingredient it contains and educate ourselves on the brand. This is no quick process, more like an ever evolving practice. It has taken us years to unlearn common greenwashing phrases, remove all old cleaning products from our homes and find new ways to shop in our community.
Additionally, we emphasize sourcing as locally as possible, from brands that use the best ingredients, organic preferred. 

At the beginning of Fill Up Buttercup our main resource for vetting products was the Environmental Working Group. EWG is an American nonprofit organization dedicated to helping everyday consumers make informed decisions about the household products they use, water they drink, and foods they eat. They rate products based on their ingredient data bases which have links to scholarly articles and the ways in which it can cause harm to us and wildlife.

The scale goes something like this:

1-2 (best choice)
3-6 (okay)
7-10 (bad news)

A-B (best choice)
C (okay)
D-F (bad news)

Our products average a 1-2 or A/B rating. 

Here are three different consumer guides they offer: 

Simply type in the product or brand you are looking for in the search bar. Don't see the product? You can create your own rating by gathering the scores of each ingredient then dividing by the number of ingredients it contains. (We do a lot of this!)
Additionally, EWG has their own brand verification. A literal stamp of approval you find on product packaging if it meets EWG's strict standards for using only the cleanest ingredients. One product we carry that is EWG verified is David's Toothpaste.

Not every product you use will be on EWG. This is why their ingredient data base is extremely helpful. You can make an informed guess on just about any product.

We use EWG as a starting point and encourage others to begin here as well, however, make your own decisions! With time you may come to change your mind about something or realize you were misinformed, its part of the process.

Here are some other useful resources I'd like to share:

Credo Beauty (clean beauty online retailer)
Toxin Free Tay (informative instagram)
Think Dirty (clean beauty app)
Kali Wellness (Newport Beach retailer specializing in nontoxic makeup/skincare/lifestyle)
Switch Natural App (ingredient breakdown app)

Thanks for reading!



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