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Magnesium is responsible for over 400 functions in the body, including heart, nerve function, and energy production. It is the mineral depleted when we are under stress— that’s why its so important to replenish through the skin in order to balance our body and help with anxiety and regulating sleep cycles.

Our magnesium tallow is blended with the 100% grass-fed organic tallow we all know and love, making it a creamy buttery texture to spread on the skin. We also combined it with cocoa and mango butter and infused with vanilla, making it the yummiest cocoa scent to enjoy the ritual of replenishing your magnesium.

To use, massage on the lower body for best results at the end of the day to relax muscles and aid in deep sleep. Can be used all over the body as well and safe for babies and kids. 

Note using on freshly shaven legs or open skin can cause burning because of magnesium salt!


Organic Vanilla Bean Infused into 100% grass-fed Organic Tallow

Organic Cocoa

Mango Butter

Magnesium Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Beeswax


Comes in a 4 ounce glass jar.

Honeybee Hippie

From the Founder: 

I make products designed for my family and yours.

Hi, I am Jill, creator of Honeybee Hippie. I am the wife of an amazing husband, mother of 4 wonderful children and grandma of an adorable baby boy. I have always been fascinated with health and natural living. I worked as a physical therapist prior to becoming a homemaker when my first baby was born 22 years ago.

I enjoy making nutritious foods, tinctures, and nourishing body care. I have a passion for utilizing God’s natural and healing elements that he has so graciously provided for us. I love spending time outdoors with my family, exercising, fishing, gardening and recently keeping bees in our backyard.

When I make food or products I seek to source the best organic, natural, grass-fed and pasture raised ingredients- free from chemicals, pesticides and unnecessary processing. Health is a journey that we are all on and there is so much to learn and enjoy. I pray these products will be beneficial to you and your loved ones and I thank you for trusting me.