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Van Leeuwen Bros
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Van Leeuwen Bro's natural blend of oils are added with shea butter and kokum butter to make a soft silky layer of protection for your skin. This dual purpose product benefits skin and hair, and is best used nightly as a conditioner. In the morning you will have "so soft" skin.

This butter has a very unique blend of shea butter and kokum butter. Shea is well known for its nourishment to skin and hair. Kokum butter is know to  prevent clog pores and some say slows down the aging process of skin.

It is less "shiny" of most butters, we feel it makes a perfect match with all natural Shea butter blended together with our signature carrier oils blend of:  local olive oil, grape seed oil, local desert jojoba oil, castor oil and just the right amount of Vitamin E oil.

How to Use

Put a thumb-sized amount in the palm of your hand, rub hands together until melted, and apply to skin. Reapply as needed. For best results apply nightly on damp skin to seal in moisture. Great for hair too!

Cool Winter Scent

A unique blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, and vanilla, you can enjoy this scent all year around when you need a reminder of our cool winters! Enjoy 😉

Mother's Garden

This Mothers garden is a fresh flowers blend : rose, lavender, gardenia. Enjoy this walk through a garden scent anytime. 

OG Scent

The "Original " scent they started with is a blend of sweet orange essential oil and clove bud oil.

Zero Scent

This non-scent blend has no essential oils. Zero, zip, nada. But this lightweight oil is loaded with all the nutrients of Olive oil, Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, and Vitamin E, that your skin and hair will need.

This zero scent was designed with sensitive skin people in mind. And don't forget about our pets! Did you know some essential oils are toxic to our cats and dogs? 


Shea Butter

Olive Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Castor Oil

Kokum Butter

Coconut Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Cool Winter has Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemon, & Vanilla essential oils.

Mother's Garden has Rose, Lavender & Gardenia essential oils.

OG Scent has Orange & Clove Bud essential oils.

Zero Scent is a non-scent blend it has no essential oils. Zero, zip, nada.


Comes in a glass 4 oz container with a metal lid. 

Van Leeuwen Bros

It was the early 1970s and our Uncle's, Arlan and Jerry Van Leeuwen, young dairymen, had read an enthusiastic trade article about the future of cattle manure being converted to basic oil needs for America.  After an evening of laughter and dreaming of what it would like to be old time entrepreneurs, They  made a spoof flier, They called it "Van Leeuwen Bros Lubricants.”

Now the comical fun was over, time to get back to milking cows!

Fast forward 40 years, We both being dairyman ourselves, recall seeing this  flyer in our childhood home. Thinking what if this can be true,? what if we can provide good old fashioned oils to keep our beards and skin healthy? So in 2020 we started growing our beards longer and testing different blends of oils and butters to come up with our very unique blend that has been benefiting our beards dramatically.

Now available for you to use on your beards And body.

Products that are made the good ole fashioned way, hand made by us The VANLEEUWEN BROS.