Have you ever imagined how many laundry detergents, toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles you have thrown away in your lifetime? Chances are they are still sitting in a landfill somewhere since only 9% of recyclables are actually recycled, according to National Geographic. Now imagine that with every household product you use!

We were assured that recycling would be the proper way of doing our part in supporting the environment, but sadly that is not the case. The best thing we can do is to reduce or reuse what we consume.

Option 2 ✹ Curbside

In a rush? Don’t have time to browse the Fill Up Bar? Running late cooking dinner for the family?  No problem, curbside delivery allows online orders and text message service, so you don’t have to get out of your vehicle!  We will bring your order to your vehicle, making it a convenient stop on your way home. 

See Fill Up Bar for option 1.

See Local Delivery for option 3.

Step One ✽ Order Online

Visit our products page to place an order, for items that we have in bulk at our Fill Up Bar they will be filled in your choice of bottle.  Currently, we offer different size/color glass jars and aluminum options, as well.

On your first purchase choose the bottle option "Purchase (1st Time Order)", this will give you the price of the product inside and cost for the bottle. All future orders you select "Refill (Swap Bottle!)", this way you will only pay for the product. Make sure to choose the same bottle size and color as you purchased the 1st time, since we will be swapping them out when you pick up your order.

Step Two ✽ Pick Up

You will receive a text message when your order is ready for pick up (Make sure to order before 4 PM for same day). Orders are available for curbside Wednesday to Sunday.

Step Three ✽ Enjoy

 Take them home and enjoy! 

Step Four ✽ Trade Empties

Once it is time for a refill repeat step one, but this time choose "Refill (Swap Bottle!)".  Make sure to choose the same bottle size and color as the one you originally purchased, there is no problem filling it up with a different product. Please make sure to bring your empties you are trading out, otherwise a bottle purchase will be charged to your account. 

Let's do a HAPPY dance for you and the planet!