We are not eco warriors. We don't believe in earth day giveaways or flooding your feed with daunting statistics for the month of April.


We love a good holiday but not much changes for us on April 22. Why? Because we are perfectly imperfect waste less humans everyday.
Do we sometimes end up with a plastic cup? Uhhh, surely…  


We never want our customers, family, friends, (whomever) to feel like they have to be perfect zero waste human beings who never purchase a piece of plastic or cheap clothing. That's not the message. The message is, do what you can, where you can. Because we think it's even better to show appreciation for the things we love and care about a little bit each day!

Insert Pachamama.


Being a conscious consumer is a constant work in progress.  


Pick up trash while you walk. At the beach or the dog park? Wash those hands, maybe carry a trash baggy and go for it! Have kids? Do a minute timer and encourage the kiddos to grab as much trash as they can.

Support conservation efforts. Aka visiting a botanical garden, planting native plants in your garden, or visiting a sustainable farm. These outings can be a great way to educate your family about earth's resources.

Shop at refill shops and zero waste shops of course! A simple google search will lead you to the nearest zero waste stores. None nearby? Oftentimes co-op grocery stores have a refill or bulk option. We recommend shopping at brick and mortars versus ordering online to reduce packaging waste and fuel. 

Choose foods with the least amount of plastic packaging. Our favorite way to do this is to shop at farmers markets (slim to no packaging usually), buy goods sold in glass and buy what we can in bulk.

 Brought your own cup to the beach? Said no to a plastic bag? Thrifted majority of your outfit? Others will notice.
Continue to inspire others with your actions, big or small, 365.
ps. feel free to ask us any questions about living the waste less lifestyle.



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