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Dip Already
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For Long Stays Away...a better way to travel with your bars.

Durable, thick-walled Bamboo Travel Cases for the Full Sized Dip Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar. 


Honestly, trying to travel with bars is a nuisance...especially when they need to go through baggage claim.  This carry case will protect your bars during transit.


Sometimes the Mini Dip isn't big enough for your trip....sometimes you just don't want to have to buy an additional bar just for vacation.  We don't want you to either so now you can bring your big bars with ya!


Not as sexy as it sounds...this is a draining hole in the bottom of the container that allows you to push up the coaster from the bottom


The bamboo round on the top helps prevent the bar from sticking to the top of the container if it gets jumbled in transit or your bag gets turned upside down.

Please do not remove! INNER COASTER WITH TINY FEET

Comes with a little coaster that lets water escape so your bars don't have to ever sit directly on tile or the ground in an outdoor shower.  A waterlogged bar is an unhappy bar.

Let's be very clear:  this isn't plastic.  It will last as long as you keep it dry and take great care of it. 
**Please do not put the entire box in the shower!**


Bamboo travel case. 


Travel case comes without packaging.

Dip Already

We are an environmental awareness company parading around as a damn good personal care company*

*(not the other way around)

Our 10 Commandments:

1. Renegade Honesty
2. No Paid Influencers 
3. No Growth Obsessed Marketing Maneuvers
4. No Aggregated Metadata, your privacy is your privacy 
5. No Salesy Pressure
6. No Gatekeeping
7. No Big Box Retailers that require plastic wrapped palletized goods (3-5 layers of plastic wrap are you kidding me?!)
8. Accountability Matters
9. Our Customer is: Our Boss, Our Marketing Team, & Our Favorite Source of Inspiration 
10. Everyone, 1 or 1 Million Followers, is Treated Equally


We all know that the world is drastically changing because of what we call:  "Plastic Blindness", but we are not here to scare you into buying our products or bombard you with alarmist marketing... in fact, we barely mention plastic at all because it is our mission to make our products so good that "plastic free" is just a bonus.

We are here to cure rational environmental indifference by offering a single step in the right direction.  Our standards are high--but our fear of disappointing you is higher. 

We know that no one is going to change their habits if we don't give them something better than what they are currently using.

That is why our bars do these things:

  • genuinely perform like the luxury salon brands

  • simplify choice:  one hair bar for all hair types

  • save you lots of money by lasting a really long time (our conditioner alone can save you $200+ in your expensive conditioner habit)

...the truth is, the environment is not going to change for the better until we collectively change our shopping habits.  Our goal at Dip is to inspire you to buy better, and buy less.  

Our secret goal is to get you into small stores and to refill as many products as you can in vessels that you already own. As Amazon surpasses Walmart (something that no one would believe a decade ago) our culture of convenience proves to be strong. 

We desperately want you to dip out of the mainstream that created these retail giants.

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are formulated intentionally to last you a very long time. That might sound like a crappy business model, but as we said, planet first, hair company second.

We’re here because we think capitalism can be done well:

  • With gratitude, not greed

  • Conservation, not consumerism

  • And action, not activism 

Environmental perfectionists are not our people.

Neither are online performers of sustainability.

What we need are people who inspire others, not make us roll our eyes. You only made a mason jar full of garbage this year? That's cool, but this type of extreme environmentalism makes small steps seem pointless to those who are just trying to learn.

We are here to tell you: 

  • every refill you make

  • every toothbrush tab you chew

  • every single use item you refuse

  • every item you fix instead of throw out

  • every time you buy second-hand

  • every online cart you leave abandoned


Sustainability doesn’t stop at an online performance or aesthetic... it extends into lifestyle, ideas, attitudes and in our opinion: perfectionism just isn’t sustainable.

We’re a small business so we’re not afraid to think small. The more you see behind the scenes at large companies, funded & obsessed with growth, the more waste you see along the journey. We self funded this company so we don't have to answer to anyone but you.

The more we dipped deeper we thought:  "what if big ideas are the problem?"

We are taking a stand: small business, small retailers, small steps, small changes. Who knows, maybe thinking small will be the next big idea?