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NEW FORMULA has ZERO essential oils and has replaced those EO’s with their whole plant material. The new formula is more potent & smells BLISSFUL!

Granola Mama Hair & Scalp is an herbal remedy for men & women. Curly, straight, thick, thin, fine hair can all benefit from this hair & scalp oil. This lightweight oil is rich, reviving, balancing & nourishing! Within a few uses, you will see baby hairs sprouting all over! Hair will feel silky smooth and shiny! Pair with Hair Cleanse for BEST results! 

YARROW is antimicrobial an anti-inflammatory which can help soothe irritated, over oily scalp, and dry scalp. It removes buildup and helps those with hair loss. 

SAW PALMETTO helps heal hair loss, scaly/dandruff scalps, and helps strengthen the hair from the follicle

ROSEMARY Stimulates and improve circulation to the scalp, encouraging hair growth. Rosemary gently cleanses the hair due to its high antibacterial properties. It also increases shine and relieves irritated dry and flaky scalp! 

JUNIPER BERRY is an incredible oil that helps lessen anxiety as well as promotes growth and heals dry scalp. This powerful oil is great for thinning and balding. 

SANDALWOOD BARK helps the hair by strengthening the root of your hair for overall health of your hair. This oil helps rid of dandruff is cooling and it’s antibacterial nature help sooth sensitive scalp and curbs infections to prevent flaking.

here are just SOME of the uses for my hair oil!

🌞 balding

🌞 alopecia

🌞 thickening beards and mustache

🌞 eyebrows

🌞 enhancing buttery shine

🌞 brittle and lifeless hair

🌞 split ends and under nourished hair

🌞 postpartum hair loss

🌞dandruff and flaky dry scalp

🌞 for hair mask or daily treatment



Arizona Grown Jojoba Oil

Wildcrafted Local Yarrow

Saw Palmetto


Juniper Berries

Sandalwood Bark

Ingredients always sourced with love, intention, and passion.🌞 Although Granola Mama’s products are formulated for even those with the most sensitive skin, every body is different. Extremely rare, but If you experience any reaction to any of the ingredients, discontinue use. Granola Mama accepts no liability in the unlikely event that an adverse reaction occurs. If you are unsatisfied with a product, please reach out to Granola Mama directly.


Product comes in an amber 2 oz dropper. 

Granola Mama

From the Founder:

My name is Rachel Brown AKA the mama behind Granola Mama Deodorant and Skin Care! I am fiercely passionate about non toxic, organic, and sustainable living. I believe what goes onto my body is JUST as important as what goes into my body. 

What is my WHY? I went through years and hundreds of dollars trying different skin care products, body lotions, serums, and deodorants. Everything on the market left me smelly, rashy, dry, and broken out. Nothing ever worked for my acne, body odor, and combination skin so I began meticulously formulating my own products. Balms, salves, oils, moisturizes, hydrosols, deodorant, and more. I began Granola Mama in 2019 when a friend tried my homemade deodorant and said it was the best deodorant she had ever tried; even through long days of chasing kids, breastfeeding, and workouts. She encouraged me to step out of fear and into faith and sell my deodorant. A little over six months later, I had sold a little over 600 deodorants. 

It’s not easy to do it all, but I am passionate about creating honest, clean, non toxic products that WORK, so your search for effective skin care can stop here with Granola Mama products! I am a small business, mama owned and operated. I pray you can feel the love, time, passion, and dedication I put into every batch of product.